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Jan Henryk Wołodkowicz (French language: Henry Jean-Witold Wolodkowicz) (1765–1825), son of Josef Wolodkowicz and of Regina Broniec, was a prominent member of the Polish nobility and military officer, who after the partitions of Poland emigrated to France in 1796 with 2 régiments paid on his own money and aided the French Revolution, becoming an officer and cavalry commander in the French Army. From 1807 he served in the military of Duchy of Warsaw, a temporary Polish state created and allied with Napoleon Bonaparte. Member of the French La Grande Armée in the Napoleon's Invasion of Russia, he was taken prisoner by Russians during the battle of Smolensk in 1812 and deported to Siberia. His name his carved on the Arc de Triomphe as "Henry", his surname given by Napolèon. He married first Anna-Isabel Fergusson-Tepper, daughter of the Polish banker Peter Ferguson Tepper, and secondly, in 1805, Marie Thérèse Lasseray. He had from his first marriage a son Joseph Wołodkowicz, officer, knight of the French Empire the 31 March 1812, killed at Smolensk the 12 August 1812, and another son of his second marriage Alexander Henryk Wołodkowicz (1805–1875), who married Camille Lafonta, and had issue.

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