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MOWAG Cheetah / Gepard Jagdpanzer
MOWAG Gepard Jagdpanzer3.JPG
MOWAG Cheetah at Military Museum Full
Type Tank destroyer
Place of origin   Switzerland
Production history
Designer MOWAG Motor Car Factory, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland
Manufacturer MOWAG
Produced 1960
Number built 1
Variants Tank destroyer
Weight 24,800 kg (54,700 lb)
Crew 4: driver, commander, gunner, loader

90mm anti-tank gun (105mm optional)
7.62 MG3 in MOWAG apex mount
Engine MOWAG M 10 DV 13500 TLK displacement cm ³
405 kW
Transmission MOWAG Mechanical-hydraulic 6 forward 2 Backwartsgear
Fuel capacity 400 L (106 US gal; 88 imp gal)
500 km (310 mi)
Speed 70 km/h (43 mph)

The Jagdpanzer MOWAG Cheetah is a Jagdpanzer (Tankhunter) of the company Mowag from Switzerland.

History and Development

Prompted by the development project Jagdpanzer-gun (also Kanonenjagdpanzer called) of the Bundeswehr. Three different types of hunting Panzers are offered from the companies Henschel, Hanomag and Mowag. Each company completed a single prototype for a comparison test. The German Army chose the product of Hanomag. The MOWAG Cheetah was built in early 1960. It has an AC protection ventilation and automatic fire detection and extinguishing system in the engine compartment. The only prototype is now in the Military Museum Full .[1] [2]


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