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Jagdgeschwader z.b.V.
Active 20 April 1944 – 15 June 1944
Country Nazi Germany Nazi Germany
Branch Air Force
Type Fighter Aircraft
Role Air superiority
Size Air Force Wing
Gerhard Schöpfel (6.6.44 – 15.6.44)

Jagdgeschwader z. b. V. (JG z. b. V.) was a Luftwaffe fighter-wing of World War II. JG z.b.V. was formed April 20, 1944 in Kassel, to control III./JG 3, I./JG 5, II./JG 27, III./JG 54 and II./JG 53. On June 15, 1944 it was redesignated Stab/JG 4 and its first Geschwaderkommodore was Major Gerhard Michalski. The abbreviation z. b. V. is German and stands for zur besonderen Verwendung (for special deployment). In 1944 JG z. b. V. was subordinated to the 7. Jagd-Division and used in the Reichsluftverteidigung (Defense of the Reich) from bases in Kassel and Ansbach.

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