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Jagdgeschwader 25
Active July–November 1943
Country Nazi Germany Nazi Germany
Branch Air Force
Type Fighter Aircraft
Role Air superiority
Size Air Force Wing
Herbert Ihlefeld
Aircraft flown
Fighter Bf 109

Jagdgeschwader 25 (JG 25), sometimes erroneously referred to as Jagdgruppe 25, was a special high-altitude fighter unit that specialized in intercepting the Royal Air Force's (RAF) de Havilland Mosquito light bombers during World War II.


On 1 July 1943, Jagdgruppe Nord des ObdL was formed as a high-altitude fighter unit to combat the RAF's Mosquito twin-engine bomber and reconnaissance aircraft. On 15 August 1943 the unit was redesignated Jagdgeschwader 25 and was commanded by Oberstleutnant Herbert Ihlefeld. Both JG 25 (and its sister unit Jagdgeschwader 50) were ultimately unsuccessful in effectively countering the Mosquito and were more profitably used for interception of the US heavy bomber formations during the daylight offensive over Europe in 1943–44. The Geschwader claimed only two aerial victories for the loss of 9 aircraft lost in combat and further 5 losses due to other reasons.

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