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Emblem of 2./JG 20

Maintenance and armament of a fighter Messerschmitt Me 109 E-1 of the second Staffel of Jagdgeschwader 20 (JG 20)

Jagdgeschwader 20 (JG 20) was a Luftwaffe fighter wing during the early phase of World War II in Europe. JG 20 was founded on 15 July 1939 in Döberitz comprissed of just one Gruppe and two Staffeln. A third Staffel was added on 5 November 1939 in Brandenburg-Briest. The sole Gruppe was redesignated as 3rd Gruppe of Jagdgeschwader 51 (III./JG 51) on 4 July 1940. During the Battle of France it was subordinated to Luftflotte 2.


  • Major Siegfried Lehmann, July 1939 – 18 September 1939
  • Hauptmann Hannes Trautloft, 19 September 1939 – 4 July 1940

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