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Jagdgeschwader 134
Bundesarchiv Bild 146-2005-0191, Übernahme des Jagdgeschwaders "Horst Wessel".jpg
Handover of Jagdgeschwader "Horst Wessel" in April 1936(JG 134)
from left to right: Generalleutnant Erhard Milch, General der Flieger Hermann Göring, Adolf Hitler, SA-Stabschef Viktor Lutze
Active 1936–1938
Country Nazi Germany Nazi Germany
Branch Air Force
Type Fighter
Role Air superiority
Size Air Force Wing
Patron Horst Wessel
Kurt-Bertram von Döring
Aircraft flown
Fighter Ar 65, Ar 68E, Bf 109 B/D

Jagdgeschwader 134 (JG 134) "Horst Wessel" was a Luftwaffe fighter-wing prior to World War II. JG 134 was formed on 4 January 1936 with III. Gruppe in Döberitz. The Geschwader was given the honorific name Horst Wessel on 24 March 1936. II Gruppe was formed on 15 March 1936 in Werl and was followed by the Geschwaderstab and I. Gruppe on 1 April 1936 in Dortmund. It would later become one of the premier Zerstörer wings of the Luftwaffe, as Zerstörergeschwader 26.

Arado Ar 68F of the "Horst Wessel" Geschwader, 1936

Commanding officers[]



I. Gruppe/JG 134[]

  • Major Josef Kammhuber, 1 April 1936 – March 1937
  • Major Walter Grabmann, March 1937 – September 1938
  • Oberstleutnant Hermann Frommherz, September 1938 – 1 November 1938
  • Hauptmann Wilfried von Müller-Rienzburg, 1 November 1938 – 1 May 1939

II. Gruppe/JG 134[]

  • Major Theo Osterkamp, 15 March 1936 – November 1937
  • Major Friedrich Vollbracht, November 1937 – 1 November 1938

III. Gruppe/JG 134[]

IV. Gruppe/JG 134[]


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