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Colonel Jacob Klock (1738–1798) was the colonel of the 2nd regiment of the Tryon County militia during the American Revolutionary War.[1]

He was the son of George Klock and Margaret Catherine Walrath.[2][3] George Klock was a farmer and trader who kept a disreputable store and tavern next to the Mohawk village of Canajoharie.[4] The Mohawk Canajoharie chief complained to William Johnson "I am under the necessity of complaining again, against that old rogue, the old disturber of our village, George Klock".[5] Joseph Brant and others broke into his house and forced him to relinquish his claim to the Mohawk village of Canajoharie[4] Jacob Klock married Anna Nelles in Albany County on April 7, 1763.[3]

He was at the Battle of Oriskany and other battles[6] In 1777, he was chairman of the Tryon County Committee of Safety.[7]

He died in Montgomery County, New York in 1798.[8]


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