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Ivan Nikitich Konev
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Native name Иван Никитич Конев
Born 5 January 1899 (N.S.)
Died 19 November 1983
Place of birth Sheshminskaya village, Samara Governorate
Place of death Kuibyshev

Russian Empire (1916-1917)

Soviet Union (1918-1955)
Rank Major general
Commands held

8th Airborne Corps
3rd Guards Airborne Division
23rd Mechanized Division

106th Guards Airborne Division

Russian Civil War
Polish-Soviet War
Battle of Khalkin Gol

World War II

Hero of the Soviet UnionOrder of LeninOrder of LeninOrder of Lenin
Order of the Red Banner (4)
Order of Suvorov 2nd class Order of Kutuzov 2nd class

Order of the Red Star

Ivan Nikitich Konev (Russian: Иван Никитич Конев; 5 January 1899 – 19 November 1983) was a Soviet Major General during World War II and a Hero of the Soviet Union.[1]

Early life

Ivan Nikitich Konev was born on 5 January 1899 in Sheshminskaya village[2][3] in Samara Governorate to a peasant family. In 1913, he graduated from sixth grade and in 1915 he was working as a messenger in Baku.[4]

In 1916, he joined the Imperial Russian Army and was a junior commissioned officer and was demobilized in December 1917.[5] In June 1918, he joined the Red Army and was posted to the 240th Infantry Regiment on the Eastern Front. He participated in the fighting against Alexander Kolchak's forces. In 1920, he was transferred to the Western Front and fought in the Polish–Soviet War. Konev rose through a series of positions and in 1933 was sent to study at the Frunze Military Academy and then studied at the Military Academy of the General Staff in July 1937.

World War II

Konev became the chief of staff of the 36th Motorized Rifle Division and fought in the Battles of Khalkhin Gol. In September 1940, he became the chief of staff of the 91st Rifle Division. The division was sent to the front in July 1941 and Konev was wounded in the Battle of Smolensk. After treatment, he became the chief of staff of the 7th Airborne Corps. In early June 1942 Konev became the chief of staff of the 1st Airborne Corps and commanded the 8th Airborne Corps from 29 August 1942. On 8 December 1942, the corps became the 3rd Guards Airborne Division,[6] which soon became part of the 1st Shock Army and fought in Operation Kutuzov and the Uman–Botoșani Offensive. During the Jassy–Kishinev Offensive, the division captured 200 settlements. On 13 September 1944, Konev was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union and the Order of Lenin for courage and heroism displayed in the command of his division.[7]

During the Battle of Debrecen the division participated in the capture of Cluj-Napoca and captured Eger and crossed the Tisza during the Siege of Budapest.

In early March 1945, the division took part in Operation Spring Awakening. In the Vienna Offensive, the division captured Zalaegerszeg and Fürstenfeld. Konev participated in the Moscow Victory Parade of 1945 on 24 June. In June 1946, he became the commander of the 23rd Mechanized Division and became the commander of the 106th Guards Airborne Division in June 1947.

Konev became deputy commander of the 137th Rifle Corps in October 1948 and in April 1952 became the deputy commander of the 14th Guards Rifle Corps.

He retired in June 1955 and died on 19 November 1983 in Kubiyshev. Konev is buried in the Rubezhnom Cemetery in Samara. Secondary School No.100 in Samara is named after Konev.


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