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Ivan Lenković

Ivan Lenković (died 22 June 1569) was a Croatian army general and the leader of the Uskoks. He is noted for the construction of Fortress Nehaj and as a captain of the Senj area.[1] He also contributed in organizing the Military Frontier.

During the Ottoman wars in Europe, Klis Fortress was on 7 April 1569, liberated by Split noblemans Ivan Alberti and Nikola Cindro.[2] Bey Mustafa responded by bringing under Klis Fortress more than 10,000 soldiers.[2] General Ivan Lenković with 1,000 uskoks came in relief, to some 1500 Klis defenders.[2] During the battle, Ivan Lenković withdrew, after he himself was wounded, and the fortress was delivered to the Turks, on 31 May.[2] But this temporary relief resound in Europe, and among the local population.[2] He died in Metlika, Slovenia on 22 June 1569.

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