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Italian Air Force Museum
Established 1977
Location Bracciano
Coordinates 42°05′06″N 12°13′02″E / 42.085049°N 12.217108°E / 42.085049; 12.217108
Type Aviation museum
Director Ten. Col. Pierluigi Poletti
Website Italian Air Force Museum

The Italian Air Force Museum is an aircraft museum at Vigna di Valle, on Lake Bracciano (Lazio), in central Italy. It is operated by the Aeronautica Militare. The museum houses an excellent collection, as listed below, with an emphasis on Italian machines and seaplanes. While maintaining the technical and historical museum is dedicated to the influence it has had the Italian aviation art, featuring works by Futurist painters Pietro Annigoni, Giacomo Balla, Tato; and contemporary art. The work PAPIERS FLIGHT foissés (literally crumpled paper) by Antonio Papasso.


Propeller aircraft

Ansaldo SVA 5

Fiat G.55 of ANR (background with lake Bracciano)


  • Libratore Allievo Cantù
  • CVV-6 Canguro Pallas

Jet aircraft

Campini-Caproni C.C.2



Piston engines

Fiat AS.6

  • Alfa Romeo 126 RC.34
  • Allison V-1710
  • Argus As10C
  • Daimler-Benz DB 605
  • Fiat A.20
  • Fiat A.22T
  • Fiat A.24
  • Fiat A.54
  • Fiat AS.6
  • Hispano-Suiza 8
  • Isotta Fraschini 12 DB
  • Isotta Fraschini Asso 750 RC 35
  • Maybach-Zeppelin Luftschiffmotor

Jet engines

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Coordinates: 42°05′06″N 12°13′02″E / 42.085049°N 12.217108°E / 42.085049; 12.217108

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