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The Italian Air Force, in Italian Aeronautica Militare is the air force of the Italian Republic (Repubblica Italiana). She had a prominent role in modern military history of Italy and its aerobatic display team is the Frecce Tricolori.


Italy is one of the nations that possess one of the oldest traditions in the field of aviation. In 1884, the Italian Royal Army (Regio Esercito) was allowed to equip with their own air component, the Aeronautical Service ( Servizio Aeronautico ) with the command center in Rome. In 1911, during the Italo-Turkish war, the country, was the first in the world to build aircraft for reconnaissance and bombing.

On March 28 of 1923, it was founded as an independent government by King Emmanuel III the Kingdom of Italy (Regno d'Italia). The air force was known as the Regia Aeronautica, which equates to "Royal Air Force."

During the 1930s, the Italian Royal Air Force was involved in its first military operation, initially in Ethiopia in 1935, and later in the Spanish Civil War, between 1936 and 1939. After a period of neutrality, Italy entered the World War II on June 10 of 1940 on the side of Germany. in which the Italian Air Force could offer more than 3,000 aircraft, even though less than 60% were useful. She fought from the icy steppes of Russia to the desert sands of North Africa, losing men and machines. After the armistice between Italy and the allied forces on September 8 of 1943, Italy was divided into two sides, and so did the Italian Royal Air Force. The end of hostilities on 8 May 1945, the doors in April for the rebirth of military aviation in Italy.

Italian Aircraft

The Italian Air Force operates 585 aircraft, including 386 (2007) 114 fighter jets and helicopters.

Aircraft Origin Type Versions In service Notes
Combat aircraft
AMX International AMX Italy/Brazil Attack A-11A 66
Lockheed F-16 Fighting Falcon United States Interceptor F-16A 14 Leased until 2012
Panavia Tornado IDS United Kingdom/Germany/Italy Attack/Strike/AR A-200A 74
Panavia Tornado ECR United Kingdom/ Germany/Italy S.E.A.D. EA-200A 16
Eurofighter Typhoon United Kingdom/Germany/Spain/Italy Air Superiority / Interceptor F-2000A 75 21 Aircraft on order(Total 96 in 2012)
Total combat aircraft 245
Aermacchi MB-339 Italy Trainer (Combat capable) T-339A/T-339CD 78
Aermacchi SF-260 Italy trainer T-260EA 30
Panavia Tornado IDS-T Europe Operational Conversion Unit TA-200A 10
Lockheed F-16 Fighting Falcon United States Operational Conversion Unit F-16B 2
Total trainer aircraft 120
Boeing 767 United States aerial refueling/strategic transport KC-767A 4
Alenia C-27J Spartan Italy Tactical transport C-27J 12
Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules United States Tactical transport C-130J/C-130J-30 12
Lockheed Martin KC-130J Super Hercules United States Aerial Refueling KC-130J 9
Piaggio P180 Avanti Italy utility transport P.180 M/P.180 RM/P.180 APH 15
Dassault Falcon 50 France VIP transport 2
Dassault Falcon 900 France VIP transport 900EX/900EX Easy 5
Airbus A319 Europe VIP transport A319-100 ACJ 3
Total transport aircraft 62
Transport/Search and Rescue Helicopter
MD Helicopters MD 500 Defender Italy utility helicopter NH 500E 49
Agusta-Bell AB212 Twin Huey Italy rescue helicopter AB212AM 32
Sikorsky HH-3F Pelican Italy Combat SAR 24
Total transport and rescue helicopters 105
Maritime Patrol/Reconnaissance
General Atomics RQ-1 Predator United States reconnaissance UAV RQ-1A 7
General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper United States reconnaissance UAV MQ-9 6
Breguet Atlantique France maritime patrol Br 1150 8
SIAI Marchetti S.205 Italy liaison S 208M 20
Total maritime patrol and reconnaissance aircraft 41
Total Active Aircraft
Total active aircraft 543

Future aircraft

Retired aircraft

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