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Islamic International Peacekeeping Brigade
Participant in the 1999 invasion of Dagestan
Flag of the Majlis of Muslims of Ichkeria and Dagestan.png
Flag of the Majlis of Muslims of Ichkeria and Dagestan
Active 1998-2002
Leaders Ibn al-Khattab (deceased)
Shamil Basayev (deceased)
Headquarters Chechnya
Strength Between 1,000 and 3,000[1][2]
Opponents  Russian Federation

The Islamic International Peacekeeping Brigade (IIPB), also known as The Islamic International Brigade, the Islamic Peacekeeping Army, was the name of an international Islamist mujahideen military organization,[3][4][5] founded in 1998.


The unit was composed of between 400 to 1,500 militants, most of them Dagestanis (mainly Avars and Darginians), as well as Chechens, Arabs, Turks and other foreign fighters.[2][6][7]

Its Emirs (leaders) were the Arab Mujahid Ibn Al-Khattab and Chechen Shamil Basayev, and was active in the War in Dagestan where many of its members were killed or captured by Russian forces. Most of its remaining members fought in the Second Chechen War, in which its former leaders died (Khattab in March 2002 and Basayev in July 2006).


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