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Isgender Aznaurov
Born (1956-08-16)16 August 1956
Died 18 April 1993(1993-04-18) (aged 36)
Place of birth Bukhara Region, Uzbek SSR, USSR
Place of death Gadabay District, Azerbaijan
Years of service 1992–1993
Battles/wars Nagorno-Karabakh War
Awards National Hero of Azerbaijan
National Hero of Azerbaijan.svg

Isgender Aznaurov (Azerbaijani language: İsgəndər Söhrab oğlu Aznaurov) (16 August 1956, Bukhara Region, Uzbek SSR, USSR – 18 April 1993, Gadabay District, Azerbaijan) is the National Hero of Azerbaijan, and the warrior of the Nagorno-Karabakh War.[1]


Isgender Aznaurov was born on 16 August 1956 in the village of Galaosiyo of Bukhara Province of Uzbekistan. From 1963 through 1973, he went to a secondary school. After completing his military service in Cherkessk, Ukraine, Aznaurov was admitted to the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration in 1978 from which he graduated in 1983. Following his graduation, Aznaurov started to work in the Ahangaran District of the Tashkent Province.[2]

In 1989, after riots broke out between the Meskhetian Turks who had settled in Uzbekistan and the native Uzbeks in the Fergana Valley of Uzbekistan, hundreds of thousands of Meskhetian Turks fled into exile. The majority of Meskhetian Turks, about 70,000, went to Azerbaijan.[3] Isgandar's family moved to Azerbaijan in 1990 and they settled in the Kyur village of Shamkir District. After a while, he started to work in the device manufacturing factory.[1]

Military service

When Armenians attacked the territories of Azerbaijan,[4] Aznaurov joined the ranks of Azerbaijani Armed Forces as a volunteer in 1992. He severely damaged the positions of Armenians and deployed several ammunition depots. Before the attacks in the summer of 1993, Aznaurov heavily destroyed most important positions of Armenians by gunfires. On 18 April 1993, he died in a battle around the Orukdash village of Gadabay District.

He was buried at Martyrs' Lane in Baku.[2]


He was married and had three children.[1]


Isgender Aznaurov was posthumously awarded the title of "National Hero of Azerbaijan" by Presidential Decree No. 262 dated 15 January 1995.[5]


A secondary school No. 1 in Kyur village of Shamkir District was renamed after him.[6]


In 2013, a documentary entitled "The Heroes of the İmpregnable Fortress" released. The documentary looks into memorials surrounding the lives and battlefields of Isgender Aznaurov as well as three other National Heroes of Azerbaijan; Mazahir Rustamov, Ilham Aliyev and Aytekin Mammadov from Gadabay District.[6]

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