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An FNSS Pars 8x8 armoured personnel carrier at the IDEF 2007 fair in Ankara.

TÜYAP Fair, Convention and Congress Center in Istanbul hosted the IDEF 2011.

The International Defence Industry Fair (IDEF) is a defence industry fair held in Turkey and organized by the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation since 1993.[1] The Foundation organizes the IDEF once in every two years and before each fair it chooses the organizer firm and exhibition venue by calling a tender.[1] The exhibitions generally take place in Ankara or Istanbul.[1]

The IDEF 2011 took place in Istanbul on May 10–13, 2011, at the TÜYAP Fair, Convention and Congress Center.[1] 437 delegation members, including 22 Ministers, 4 Chiefs of General Staff, 8 Deputy Chiefs of General Staff, 2 Force Commanders and 11 Undersecretaries from 70 countries and one international organization; 633 companies (212 domestic and 421 foreign) from 46 countries; 52,502 visitors and 244 journalists visited the IDEF 2011 fair.[1]

The IDEF 2013 will also take place at the TÜYAP Fair, Convention and Congress Center in Istanbul.[2]

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