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An interdictor is a type of ground-attack aircraft[citation needed] that operates far behind enemy lines, with the express intent of interdicting the enemy's military targets, most notably those involved in logistics. The interdiction prevents or delays enemy forces and supplies from reaching the battlefront.

The term has generally fallen from use. The strike fighter is a closely related concept,[citation needed] but puts more emphasis on air-to-air combat capabilities (fighter part).

In the post war era, the RAF introduced Interdictor variants of their English Electric Canberra jet bomber, the aircraft being available as the strategic bombing role had been taken over by the new V bombers.

The "classic"[citation needed] interdictor is the F-111, an aircraft able to operate at long distances from its base. The Panavia Tornado was built for a similar purpose, although operating over shorter ranges in the European theatre. The Soviet Sukhoi Su-24 and the aborted British TSR-2 are similar interdictor designs.

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