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Inspector of Fighters (German language: Inspekteur der Jagdflieger redesignated to General der Jagdflieger (General of Fighters)) was not a rank but a leading position within the High Command of the German Luftwaffe in Nazi Germany. The inspector was responsible for the readiness, training and tactics of the fighter force. It was not an operational command.[1]


1 August 1935 20 April 1936 Inspekteur der Jagdflieger Oberstleutnant Robert Ritter von Greim
1 April 1938 31 January 1939 Inspekteur der Jagdflieger Generalmajor Bruno Loerzer
1 February 1939 4 June 1940 Inspekteur der Jagdflieger Oberst Werner Junck
19 December 1940 5 August 1941 Inspekteur der Jagdflieger Generalmajor Kurt-Bertram von Döring
7 August 1941 22 November 1941 General der Jagdflieger Oberst Werner Mölders
5 December 1941 31 January 1945 General der Jagdflieger Generalleutnant Adolf Galland
31 January 1945 8 May 1945 General der Jagdflieger Oberst Gordon Gollob


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