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Inhaúma-class corvette
Cv Frotin (V-33).jpg
BNS Frontin V33
Class overview
Name: Inhaúma class
Builders: Arsenal da Marinha no Rio de Janeiro, Verolme
Operators: Brazilian Navy
Built: 1986-2002
Completed: 5
Active: 5
General characteristics
Type: corvette
Displacement: 1,670 tons standard , 1,970 tons full load
Length: 95.77m
Beam: 11.4 m
Draught: 5.5m
Propulsion: 2 shaft CODOG
1 GE LM2500 gas turbine - 23,000 hp
2 MTU Diesels 7,800 hp
Speed: 27 knots
Range: 4,000 nm at 15 knots
Complement: 162
Sensors and
processing systems:
Radar: Plessey AWS-4, Kelvin Hughes Type 1007, Selenia Orion RTN 10X, Sonar: Krupp Atlas ASO4 Mod 2
Aircraft carried: 1 Westland Super Lynx Mk.21A (locally designated as AH-11A)
Aviation facilities: Helicopter pad

The Inhaúma Class corvettes are five escort vessels operated by the Brazilian Navy. They were named after Joaquim José Inácio, Viscount of Inhaúma. These ships were built in Brazil and designed with assistance from the German company Marine Technik. It was originally planned to build 12 to 16 ships but the economic situation in Brazil did not permit this and only five vessels were built. The programme was considerably delayed due to funding issues and the Brazilian Verolme yard's insolvency in 1991 which forced V32 and V33 to be completed by Arsenal da Marinha.

The ships were fitted with a Ferranti CAAIS 450 (Computer Aided Action Information System) combat data system and a SAAB EOS-400 fire control system. Further vessels were planned to have indigenous Brazilian missiles but this was shelved. Conway's reports the ships as being top-heavy.


All ships were completed by the Arsenal da Marinha, Rio de Janeiro, and are currently (2013) in service

Pennant number Ship Launched Commissioned Status
V30 Inhaúma 13 December 1986 12 December 1989 In service
V31 Jaceguai 8 June 1987 2 April 1991 In service
V32 Júlio de Noronha 15 December 1989 7 October 1992 In service
V33 Frontin 6 February 1992 March 1994 In service
V34 Barroso 20 December 2002 19 August 2008 In service

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