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The ATF Dingo of the German Army is a well-protected infantry mobility vehicle used by several European armed forces

An infantry mobility vehicle (IMV) is a wheeled armored personnel carrier (APC) serving as a military patrol, reconnaissance or security vehicle. Examples include the ATF Dingo, AMZ Dzik, AMZ Tur, Mungo ESK, and Bushmaster IMV. This term also applies to the vehicles currently being fielded as part of the MRAP program. IMVs were developed in response to the threats of modern warfare, with an emphasis on crew protection and mine-resistance. Similar vehicles existed long before the term IMV was coined, such as the French VAB and South African Buffel. The term is coming more into use to differentiate light 4x4 wheeled APCs from the traditional 8x8 wheeled APCs. It is a neologism for what might have been classified in the past as an armored scout car, such as the BRDM, but the IMV is distinguished by having a requirement to carry dismountable infantry. The up-armored M1114 Humvee variant can be seen as an adaptation of the unarmored Humvee to serve in the IMV role.


IMVs generally feature a v-hull shaped underbelly with additional crew protection features such as four- point seat belts and seats suspended from the roof or sides of the vehicle. Most feature a remote weapon system in place of a crew-served weapon system.

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