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Imran Ahmed Chowdhury BEM
Imran Ahmed Chowdhury
Native name ইমরান আহমেদ চৌধুরী
Born (1961-05-25)May 25, 1961
Residence Northampton,Northamptonshire, UK
Nationality British
Alma mater

Bangladesh Military Academy University of Chittagong, Bangladesh

University of Northampton
Occupation Community Leader/Personality, Public speaker, Writer, Historian and Public Service Champion.
Political party Conservatives
Awards The Freedom of The City of London (2013)
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Imran A. Chowdhury

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Award Ceremony 2017

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Imran Ahmed Chowdhury (Imran Chowdhury)  : (বাংলায় : ইমরান আহমেদ চৌধুরী ) Is a prominent Bangladeshi-born British restaurateur,[1] community Leader/Personality,[2] Public Speaker, writer,[3][4] Historian[5][6] and Public Service Champion.

Early life

Born in erstwhile East Pakistan, son of a Bangladesh Liberation War veteran father Assistant Director (Equivalent to Major in the Army) Late Fazlul Haque Chowdhury – Ex E.P.R later on BDR presently known as BGB[7] & Mrs Rezia Ahmed Chowdhury B.A. ; a communist party activist, nurse (during the sectarian riots in Kolkata in 1946 – 47)[8] Custom Inspector and A Teacher. Due to the nature of both the parents government services the family travelled all around the country. Lived in total 24 different towns and cities of East Pakistan present day Bangladesh. Went to 14 different primary and secondary schools to pass the Secondary School Certificate (Equivalent to O level – GCSE Level).

Life as a Refugee in 1971 Liberation war of Bangladesh[9][10]

On 17 April 1971 the family had to evacuate from their home in B.Baria and fled to the country side to seek shelter as the Pakistani Army advancing force were enveloping the town from two axises. The family along with his mother, sister and 3 brothers they finally ended up to the borders of Indian State of Tripura and seek refuge there. The life as a destitute starts on 29 April 1971, and the whole family were sheltered by the Indian Authority in a Refugee camp called Surzomoni Nagar Special Camp near the city of Agartala. The plight of life of starvation, ghettoisation, lack of medical care and living in a 12' x 12' room without any window and no running water or electrify. The family endured the hardship of this life destitution till the Independence Day 16 December 1971. Father and elder brother both joined the war as Freedom Fighter and as an 11 year old he had to look after the whole family affairs, collection rations, cutting fire wood from the jungles, carrying them to the kitchen and doing all the other kinds of voluntary, charity and philanthropic activities. Which made him a very opinionated, strong Adolescent young man at a very early age. His elder brother was captured by Pakistan Army and was brutally killed by them on 21 November 1971. Which left a huge void in his life and which made him preserve and write about the History Bangladesh Liberation of 1971 on its psychological impact, fear of death and the long lasting stigma of the atrocity and the genocide of annihilation of the Bengali race. His elder brother Shaheed Babul Chowdhury was a Freedom Fighter in 1971 at the age of 17 was captured as POW by The Pakistan Army; Tortured and Killed on 21 November 1971 in Brahmin Baria, Bangladesh. He also worked as Shebok (Nursing and General helper - Volunteer) as an 11 year old in 1971 in the JOY BANGLA ward to provide help and services to the wounded Freedom Fighters of Bangladesh Liberation war in 1971. Distributed free Newspaper to the Bangladeshi refugee camps and Freedom Fighters in and around Agartala, Tripura. He also was a member of a cultural team and a scout troop organised in their refugee camp; Performed cultural programmes in various Freedom Fighters training camps during the war; Namely, Melaghor inTripura - Melaghar camp, Sector - 2 HQ. Melaghar Camp.


Joined Bangladesh Military Academy[11] as a Gentleman Cadet (GC) with 8th BMA Long Course. After 104 weeks of rigorous training was commissioned (regular commission) in the Bangladesh Army as a 2nd Lieutenant in an Infantry regiment. Graduated from the University of Chittagong in History, Political science. Attended few courses of instruction. Completed Junior Officers' Administration Course – 10 and was adjudged as the Best Student by topping the merit list. As a Lieutenant was posted as an instructor in The Bangladesh Army's School of Education and Administration.

After leaving the army moved to the United Kingdom and naturalised as a British citizen. Opened his first restaurant in the year of 2004[12][13] Meanwhile, he carried out his passion of writing, freelance journalistic works and engaged himself in diversified field of Charitable and philanthropic activities.[14][15][16][17]

Social and Public services Activities

An avid gardener and was adjudged as the Best Gardner in the Town of Ware in Bloom.[18][19][20] Chowdhury is a passionate community worker who proactively works in enhancing the inter community cohesion and inter faith bridge building. Writing and Public speaker who travels all around the country to promote the history, culture, heritage of the Bengali – Bangladeshi diaspora in the U.K.[21][22][23] He also deliver speech to the students of various schools to encourage and entice BME students to join CCF (Combined Cadet Force) and subsequently join the British Army, Navy or Airforce.[24][25] He is engaged with Northampton Bangladeshi Association, Bangladesh Caterers Association, Member of Wellingborough Chamber of Commerce. A TV talk show panellist in the Ethnic TV channels in the UK

Awards and recognition

In 2013 for all his charity fundraising and philanthropic works The City of London[26] conferred upon Chowdhury with The Freedom of The City of London[27] one of the oldest of awards in the world introduced in the 12th Century and is still running.

Mr. Chowdhury was conferred upon with British Empire Medal (BEM) by HM the Queen during Queens New Years Honours list 2021.

Personal life

Lives in Northampton


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