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Imperial Service Medal
Imperial Service Medal obverse.jpgImperial Service Medal reverse.jpg
Obverse and reverse of the medal
Awarded by
Personal flag of Queen Elizabeth II.svg
Her Majesty The Queen
Eligibility Civil Servants of the United Kingdom, the Dominions, Colonies, Protectorates, and Overseas Territories.
Awarded for 25 years of meritorious service
Established 8 August 1902[1]
Last awarded 12 June 2012[2]
Next (higher) Polar Medal[3]
Next (lower) Police Medals for Valuable Service[3]
Ribbon Imperial Service Order 100x30.jpg
Ribbon bar of the medal

The Imperial Service Medal is a medal affiliated with the Imperial Service Order. The medal was established under the statutes of the Imperial Service Order, on 8 August 1902, by King Edward VII.[1] It is presented to selected civil servants who complete 25 years service upon their retirement.


When originally created the Imperial Service Medal was a seven-pointed star, in the same pattern as the Imperial Service order, but made of bronze. An amendment of the statutes changed the appearance of the medal to its current form of as a circular silver medal bearing the effigy of the reigning sovereign on the obverse and on the reverse bearing the inscription "For Faithful Service" and an appropriate design.[4][5]


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