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Imabari Castle
Imabari, Ehime Prefecture, Japan
Imabari Castle Keep
Type Japanese castle
Coordinates Latitude:
Built 1602-1604
Built by Tōdō Takatora
In use 1604-1873

Imabari Castle (今治城 Imabari-jō?) is a Japanese castle in Imabari, Ehime, Japan. This castle is well known as one of the three Mizujiro, or "Castles on the sea", in Japan, along with Takamatsu Castle in Kagawa Prefecture and Nakatsu Castle in Oita Prefecture.[1]


This castle was constructed by Tōdō Takatora, a local daimyo. He collected superior knowledge and techniques for building castles from 1602 to 1604 in order to build his own castle. The original major castle to rule the area was Kokufu Castle located on the top of Mount Karako. However, Takatora thought the Kokufu Castle was not in the best place for the governance of the area, so he abolished the old castle and made a new one, Imabari Castle.

By the order of the Meiji Government, all of the buildings associated with the castle were destroyed. In 1980, the Imabari City government constructed the new donjon tower in the castle.


Imabari Castle is in the center right.

  • Imabari Station of Yosan Line
  • Imabari Port

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Coordinates: 34°03′48″N 133°00′25″E / 34.063336°N 133.006806°E / 34.063336; 133.006806

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