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Ibrahim Khan (reigned: 1689-1697) was the last Subahdar of Bengal during the reign of emperor Shahjahan.

Early life

He was the eldest son of Ali Mardan Khan Zig. Ali Mardan was a noble of Persian origin.[1] Prior to the governorship of Bengal, Ibrahim Khan served as Subahdar of Kashmir, Lahore and Bihar.[1] He had a son named Zabardast Khan.[1]


During his reign, English and French traders were granted several farmans to continue trading in Bengal. During 1695-1696, he failed to suppress the revolt of the Chandrakona zamindar, Shobha Singh. Later in 1697, Ibrahim Khan was the replaced by emperor Aurangzeb's own grandson, Prince Azim-us-Shan.

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Preceded by
Khan Jahan Bahadur
Subahdar of Bengal
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