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I Field Force, Vietnam
I Field Force Vietnam shoulder sleeve insignia
Active 1966–1971
Country United States
Branch U.S. Army
Type Command
Size Corps
Part of Patch of Military Assistance Command, Vietnam.png Military Assistance Command, Vietnam
Headquarters Nha Trang
Engagements Vietnam War
Distinctive Unit Insignia USA - 1 Field Force Vietnam DUI.png

I Field Force, Vietnam was a corps-level command of the United States Army during the Vietnam War. Activated on 15 March 1966, it was the successor to Task Force Alpha, a provisional corps command created 1 August 1965 (renamed Field Force Vietnam on 25 September) for temporary control of activities of U.S. Army ground combat units arriving in Vietnam.[1] I Field Force was a component of U.S. Military Assistance Command Vietnam (MACV) and had its headquarters at Nha Trang.

Area of Responsibility and Units Assigned[]

I Field Force's area of responsibility was II Corps Tactical Zone, later renamed Military Region 2, which comprised the twelve provinces of Vietnam's Central Highlands. Among the divisions and brigades it controlled were:


I Field Force was deactivated on 30 April 1971 during the withdrawal of U.S. ground combat forces from Vietnam, and its assets formed the basis for its successor, the Second Regional Assistance Command (SRAC).


  • LTG Stanley R. Larsen March 1966 – July 1967
  • LTG William B. Rosson July 1967– February 1968
  • LTG William R. Peers March 1968 – March 1969
  • LTG Charles A. Corcoran March 1969 – March 1970
  • LTG Arthur S. Collins, Jr. March 1970 – January 1971
  • MG Charles P. Brown January 1971 – April 1971[2]


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