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IV. Armeekorps
IV Armeekorps emblem.svg
Emblem of the IV Corps
Active 1 October 1934 — 31 January 1943
20 July 1943 — 10 October 1944
Country Nazi Germany Nazi Germany
Branch Heer
Type Corps
Garrison/HQ Dresden

World War II

IV Corps (IV. Armeekorps) was a corps level command of the German Army (Wehrmacht) before and during World War II.


The IV Army Corps was formed on 1 October 1934 in Wehrkreis IV (4th Military District) in Dresden by the expansion of the 4th Infantry Division of the Reichswehr

It was destroyed in the Battle of Stalingrad on 31 January 1943 and reformed on 20 July 1943.

The Corps was redesignated as IV Panzer Corps on 10 October 1944.[1]

Area of operations

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