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* [[EOTech]]
* [[EOTech]]
==External links==
==External links==
{{commonscat|ITL MARS}}
{{Commons|ITL MARS}}
* [ ITL Mars brochure]
* [ ITL Mars brochure]

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A pair of Marines scan with M16A4 rifles in Fallujah, Iraq (December 2004); the one in the foreground having an ITL MARS attached via a MIL-STD-1913 "Picatinny rail".

The ITL MARS (Multi-purpose Aiming Reflex Sight) is a gun sight that combines two sighting devices, a reflex sight and a laser sight, as well as a backup iron sight. It is designed and produced by ITL Optronics company, based in Israel. The laser may be either visible or infrared and can be activated as need via a pressure switch. It has been purchased by a number of forces including the U.S. military for its M16 series weapons, Israel for its IMI Tavor TAR-21 rifle,India (locally manufactured under license as raptor sight) for its INSAS rifle, as well as other commercial customers.

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