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Successor of the SU-152, using the same cannon but based on the chassis of the tank IS-2, the ISU-152 is produced on a large scale, complementing the MSI-122 and SU-152. Used in the regiments of Soviet tanks, was popular for being able to destroy the heavy tank German Tiger and Panther, as well as transporting HE grenades for use against enemy infantry.


  • Weight: 46 ton.
  • Garrison: 5 men
  • Engine: V-2-IS, diesel, 12 cylinder (600 hp)

The ISU-152

  • Speed: 37 Km / h (road) and 16 km / h (off road)
  • Range: 230 km (highway) and 150 km (off-road)
  • Length: 9 m (with cannon) and 6.77 m (hull only)
  • Width: 3.1 m
  • Height: 2.5 m
  • Main Armament: Cannon ML-20S and 152 mm
  • Secondary armament: DShK 12.7 mm machine gun (anti-aircraft)
  • Ammunition: 20 rounds of 152 mm and 12.7 mm in 1000
  • Hoof Shield: 60–90 mm (front), 90mm (side), 60 mm (D) and 20 mm (roof and floor)
  • Shielding of Superstructure: 90 mm (front), 75mm (side), 60 mm (D) and 30 mm (roof)

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