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iPhrothiya yeBhronzi (Bronze Protea)
File:IPhrothiya yeBhronzi medal.jpg
Awarded by South African National Defence Force
Country  South Africa
Eligibility All ranks
Awarded for Leadership, or meritorious service and devotion to duty
Post-nominals PB
Established 2003
Next (higher) IPhrothiya yeSiliva
Ribbon bar of the medal

iPhrothiya yeBhronzi (Bronze Protea) is a South African military decoration. It was instituted with effect from 27 April 2003, and may be awarded to members of the South African National Defence Force (or any other armed forces serving with the SANDF) for leadership, or meritorious service and devotion to duty. A bar may be awarded to a recipient who earns the decoration again. A recipient is entitled to use the post-nominal letters PB.

The PB forms part of a trio of military decorations for meritorious service, the others being iPhrothiya yeGolide (Golden Protea) and iPhrothiya yeSiliva (Silver Protea). Language of origin: ISINDEBELE.



  • Quality of work.[1]
  • Unselfishness.
  • Ability to organise.
  • Ability to persevere.

Meritorious Service

  • High quality.
  • Positive attitude.
  • More than normal duties.
  • Results in favour of the SANDF.
  • Positive conduct sheet.
  • Creativity.
  • Initiative.

Devotion to duty

  • Loyalty.
  • Conscientious/responsible.
  • Punctual.


The award of the decoration for service in active military operations shall be indicated by distinguishing insignia according to the Service in which the recipient was serving, i.e.

  • Army uniform: Crossed swords
  • Air Force uniform: Eagle
  • Naval uniform: Anchor
  • Military Health Service uniform: Rod of Aesculapius.



The decoration is a 6-pointed bronze star, displaying a stylised protea flower on a blue hexagon.


The reverse depicts the South African coat of arms. The protea, which is South Africa's national flower, has been used on military merit awards since World War II.


The ribbon is blue with a centre panel of white - black - white - black - white - black - white stripes. If the decoration is earned during a military operation, an arm-of-service emblem will be worn on the ribbon to indicate whether the recipient was serving in the army, Air force, Navy, or Military Health Service at the time of earning the award.


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