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IAF Aerobatic Team
File:Zukit 2.jpg
The IAF Aerobatic team on its former aircraft
Active 1973 - present
Country  Israel
Branch Israel Air Force Flag.svg
Israel Air Force
Role Aerobatic Display
Garrison/HQ Hatzerim Airbase
Colors Red and white

The IAF Aerobatic Team is the aerobatic display team of the Israeli Air Force. Until summer 2010 the team flew the IAI Tzukit, a variant of the French Fouga Magister manufactured under license by Israel Aerospace Industries. Since then the team operates four Beechcraft T-6 Texan II aircraft (#478, #484, #493, and #494).

The team typically flies demonstrations at the graduation ceremony of the IAF flight academy and on Israel's independence day. Based at Hatzerim Airbase, the team is staffed by IAF Flight Academy personnel and its pilots are active instructors.

Ido Nehoshtan, the current commander of the Israeli Air Force is a former member of the team.


Zukit age

The Zukit, a jet-powered trainer, was used in the selection and training of IAF Flight Academy cadets. It was a modified version of the French Fouga Magister, which had served the IAF in the training role since 1960. The Fouga Magister also saw limited combat against Egyptian and Jordanian forces during the 1967 Six Day War. A number of aircraft were lost to enemy fire.

The Magisters were later radically revamped by the IAI and fitted for carrying advanced motors and equipment. The first prototype of the Tzukit took to the air in September 1980, and was handed over to the IAF in May 1981 for initial testing. At the IAF's request certain modifications were carried out and included in the first serial production Tzukits, and deliveries to the IAF started June 1983. All Tzukit aircraft had been delivered to the IAF by 1986.

Texan II age

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