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Hyunmoo (Hangul: 현무, literally means "Guardian of the Northern Sky") was a series of missiles developed by South Korea.

The Hyunmoo is the only ballistic missile developed by South Korea that was actually deployed. This missile improved the first stage propelling device that was a problem in the Paekgom. The first test-launch of the Hyunmoo was successful in 1982; following domestic twists and turns due to internal political situation of South Korea until the second test-launch in September 1985 flight test by the Defense Systems Test Center (DSTC).

In 1986, South Korea succeeded in a test-launch in the current capacity with a payload of 480 kg and a range of 180 km. The US, however, withheld the export approval of Hyunmoo in 1990, and requested South Korea to provide technical information on the Hyunmoo. It also requested a note by South Korea promising not to develop missiles with a range over 180 km. After providing the US with the guarantee correspondence, South Korea started to produce a limited number of Hyunmoo missiles and was under the inspection of the United States until the production ended.

The Hyunmoo system [the name roughly translates as "guardian angel of the northern skies"], has been indigenously developed in the Agency for Defense Development and now it is in service by ROK Army

The missile is launched from the mobile launcher and fire-controlled by the battery control van. The Hyunmoo missile, which is propelled by two-stage solid rocket motor and features inertial guidance and control system, can reach the heart of its intended targets under any weather conditions without any commands from the ground after fire. The missile is approximately 12m long, weighting 5 tons. A new cruise missile was recently unveiled, named Hyunmoo-3, which is very similar to the American Tomahawk. The Hyunmoo-3C has an increased range of 1,500 km.

The upgraded version of Hyunmoo-2A, named Hyunmoo-2B, was put into service since late 2009. The ballistic missile has in increased range of 500 km.[1]


Hyunmoo Missiles
Model Range Payload Type Notes
Hyunmoo-1 180 km 500 kg surface-to-surface ballistic missile modified Baekgom
Hyunmoo-2A 300 km 500 kg surface-to-surface ballistic missile modified Hyunmoo-1 and SS-21
Hyunmoo-2B 500 km 500 kg surface-to-surface ballistic missile modified Hyunmoo-2A
Hyunmoo-3A 500 km 500 kg surface-to-surface cruise missile -
Hyunmoo-3B 1,000 km 500 kg surface-to-surface cruise missile modified Hyunmoo-3A
Hyunmoo-3C 1,500 km 500 kg surface-to-surface cruise missile modified Hyunmoo-3B


Missile Hyunmoo-1
Length 12.53 m overall
8.18 m at second stage
Diameter 0.80 m booster
0.53 m at second stage
Fin span 3.50 m booster
1.88 m at second stage
Mass 4,850 kg at launch
2,505 kg at second stage
Maximum speed Mach 3.65 (ca. 4 470 km/h)
Range 180 km
Ceiling 45,700 m
First stage Hercules M42 solid-fueled rocket cluster
(4x M5E1 Nike boosters)
978 kN (220,000 lbf) total
Second stage Thiokol M30 solid-fueled rocket
44.4 kN (10,000 lbf)
Warhead conventional T-45 HE warhead weighing
1,106 lb (500 kg) and containing 600 lb (272 kg) of HBX-6
M17 blast-fragmentation

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