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Hsiung Feng I Anti-ship Missile

The Hsiung Feng I (HF-1) (雄風一型, "Brave Wind I") is an anti-ship missile system developed by the Chungshan Institute of Science and Technology in Taiwan ROC between 1975 and 1978 and is essentially a derivative of the Israeli Gabriel missile Mk II. It is currently deployed on the ROC Navy's littoral combantants, most notably the Hai Ou class missile boats, as well as some land based facilities. Due to it being superseded by the Hsiung Feng II on larger patrol craft and in coastal batteries, the HF-I is being phased out of service (alone with Hai Ou class FACs).

General characteristics

  • Primary Function: Anti-ship missile
  • Power Plant: One-stage dual-thrust solid propellant rocket motor
  • Range: 40 km
  • Top Speed: 0.65 Mach
  • Length: 3.4 m
  • Diameter: 34 cm
  • Warhead: 150 kg high explosive
  • Guidance: Radar beam riding plus terminal semi-active homing
  • Date Deployed: 1978

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