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Howa Type 96
Type96 40mm Automatic Grenad Gun.JPG
Howa Type 96 AGL on display
Type Automatic grenade launcher
Place of origin  Japan
Service history
In service 1996–present
Used by Japan
Production history
Designer Howa[1]
Manufacturer Howa
Produced 1996 - Present
Weight 24.5 kg[1]
Length 975 mm[2]
Barrel length 454 mm[2]

Cartridge 40 mm[2]
Action Blow forward
Rate of fire 250-350 rpm[1]
Maximum range 1500 m
Feed system 50-round magazine
Sights Ladder

Type96 40mm Automatic Grenad Gun on Vehicle.JPG

The Howa Type 96 automatic grenade launcher (AGL) (96式40mm自動てき弾銃 96-shiki 40-miri jidōtekidanjū?), is a Japanese automatic grenade launcher made by Howa since 1996.


With the need of a heavy fire support weapon in Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) service aside from the use of the Sumitomo Type 62 GPMG and the Sumitomo M2HB machine gun, Howa first created and produced the weapon in 1996.[3]


The Howa Type 96 can be used by both infantry and armored vehicles, the former with a tripod and the latter by being placed on a weapon mount.[1]

It is prominently seen as one of the main weapons mounted on the Type 96 Armored Personnel Carrier.[3][4]

Operational details[]

On the left side of the Type 96 is a feeding bay where the 40 mm grenades can be loaded onto the AGL.[5]

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