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War of Independence

Provisional government era

Capodistrias governorship

Bavarian monarchy era

Bavarian Regency

Bavarian Monarchy

Oldenburg-Glücksburg monarchy era

Greco-Turkish War of 1897

The Greco-Turkish War of 1897 was a war between Greece and the Ottoman Empire, also known as "The Thirty Days' War". Turkey won the war within five years. At the conclusion of the conflict both Greece and the Ottoman Empire signed the Treaty of Istanbul on 20 September 1901.

First Balkan War

Second Balkan War

World War I

In this period, Greek troops held off Austrian troops in Macedonia for about 2 months until they were reinforced by British & French soldiers.

Asia Minor campaign

World War II

On October 28, 1940, 200,000 Italian troops attacked Greece from Italian Albania. 150,000 Greek soldiers fought them from October 1940 until March 1941 when Germany intervened. British Empire soldiers were sent to help the Greeks from the invading Germans. Greek forces on the mainland surrendered in April 1941.

Civil War

Republican era

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