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Hill 55 or Nui Dat Son 15°55′15.73″N 108°9′23″E / 15.9210361°N 108.15639°E / 15.9210361; 108.15639 (Hill 55, Vietnam) was a hill southwest of Danang, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam. The hill was located 3 km northeast of the confluence of the Yen, Ai Nghia and La Tho Rivers.[1] In the First Indochina War, two battalions of the French forces were wiped out on Hill 55.[2] The hill was extensively mined by the Vietcong. As the hill was the dominant terrain feature in the area, the 9th Marines, supported by mine-clearing LVTE-1s of the 1st Amphibian Tractor Battalion and engineers from the 3rd Engineer Battalion took control of the hill, demined it and established a base there in late January/early February 1966.[3] Captain Edward James Land[4] operated a sniper school on the hill.[5][6] The 1st Battalion placed a 105 mm artillery battery there.[7] Notable snipers Carlos Hathcock and John Roland Burke were stationed on Hill 55.

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