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Hibneryt at 2013 Armed Forces Day in Warsaw.

The Hibneryt is a Polish armored radar-directed self-propelled anti-aircraft gun system. A ZU-23-2 or ZUR-23-2S short-range air defense towed twin 23 mm autocannon fitted onto the Star 266's truck bed which has been modified and elevated to allow the AA gun to fire more freely. The wheels haven't been removed which allows the crew to remove the autocannon if need be which can be used as it originally was. The vehicle carries the ammo and equipment for the AA gun.[1][2][3]

  • Hibneryt-KG - Hibneryt armed with ZUR-23-2KG Jodek-G short-range air defense towed twin 23 mm autocannon. It has a storage space for the GROM missiles as well as engine-generator for the AA gun.[3]
  • Hibneryt-P - Custom variant made by soldiers from 3rd District Technological Workshops in Nowy Dworek Mazowiecki.[3]

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