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Herwig Bittner (1 June 1920 in Troppau – 22 August 1944 in Gory) was a German Leutnant der Reserve in the Wehrmacht during World War II.


Bittner was born in the Sudetenland on the 1 June 1920 in Opava and joined the artillery regiment 28 in on the 1 April 1940. Later, he volunteered at the 15.03.1943 to the assault artillery and there belonged to the Sturmgeschütz Department 270 on the eastern front. After the war outline moderate insinuation of the Department under the 1st ski Jäger Brigade in September 1943, Bittner distinguished himself especially Infantry Division in the room Gomel Dnieper Brückenkoppf at Rogachev in the section of the 296, for which it was submitted to the Knight's Cross. This is followed by battles at the bow in the Pripyet swamps in the Carpathian Mountains, where the Division was renamed to the 9 August 1944 in tank destroyer Division 152. He had previously received the Knight's cross as a Lieutenant of the reserve, gun Director and leader of the second train of the Department on the 18 January 1944. Message from the 26 August 1944, Bittner fell on the 22 August 1944 at the battles of Kol. Gory Northwest Lublin. Herwig Bittner today buried in the war cemetery of in Siemianowice/Poland




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