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Hero of the People's Republic of Bulgaria
Герой на НРБ (аверс).jpg
Gold Star medal of the Hero of the People's Republic of Bulgaria
Awarded by the
State Council of the People's Republic of Bulgaria
Country Peoples Republic of Bulgaria
Type Honorary title
Eligibility Bulgarian and allied citizens
Awarded for Merits in defending Bulgaria and other countries allied to Bulgaria
Status No longer awarded
Established 15 June 1948
Last awarded 1990
Total awarded 58
Equivalent Hero of Socialist Labour
Next (lower) People's Honorary Title
Related Order of Georgi Dimitrov

The Hero of the People's Republic of Bulgaria (Bulgarian language: Герой на Народна република България ) was awarded to Bulgarian and foreign citizens for merits in defending Bulgaria and other countries allied to Bulgaria. Established on 15 June 1948, it was awarded until 1990. It was the highest honour of the People's Republic of Bulgaria. Individuals who were named Hero of the People's Republic of Bulgaria were also awarded the Order of Georgi Dimitrov, Bulgaria's highest award at the time.[1]

Notable recipients[]

  • Nikita Khrushchev Soviet Union (Politician) 1964,
  • General Ivan Mihajlov (Military/Politician) 6 March 1967,
  • Tsola Dragoycheva Bulgaria (Politician) 1968,
  • Todor Zhivkov Bulgaria (Politician) 1971 and 1981,
  • Bojan Balgaranov Bulgaria (Politician) 1972,
  • Leonid Brezhnev Soviet Union (Politician) 1973, 1976 and 1981,
  • Zahari Zahariev Aka Goranov Semenovich Soviet Union/Bulgaria (Military) 1974.
  • General Dobri Djurov Bulgaria (Military/Politician) 1976,
  • Georgi Ivanov Bulgaria (Cosmonaut) 1979,
  • Nikolai Rukavishnikov Soviet Union (Cosmonaut) 1979,
  • Aleksei Yeliseyev Soviet Union (Cosmonaut) 1979,
  • Marshal Of The Soviet Union Fyodor Tolbukhin Soviet Union (Military) 1981 (Posthumously),
  • Elisaveta Bagriana Bulgaria (Poet) 1983,
  • Hristo Prodanov Bulgaria (Mountaineer) 1984 (Posthumously),
  • Aleksandar Panayotov Aleksandrov Bulgaria (Cosmonaut) 1988,
  • Anatoly Solovyev Soviet Union (Cosmonaut) 1988,
  • Viktor Savinykh Soviet Union(Cosmonaut) 1988,
  • Anton Yugov Bulgaria (Politician) 1989,
  • Georgi Traykov Bulgaria (Politician),
  • Grisha Filipov Bulgaria (Politician),
  • Karlo Lukanov Bulgaria (Politician),
  • Peko Takov Bulgaria (Politician),
  • Sava Ganovski Bulgaria (Politician).


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