Henri, Duke of Joyeuse

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Henri de Joyeuse

Henri, Duc de Joyeuse (Toulouse, 21 September 1563 – Rivoli, 28 September 1608) was a General in the French Wars of Religion and a member of the Catholic League, who was became ordained as a Capuchin after the death of his wife, Catherine de La Valette.[1] He was the youngest brother of Anne de Joyeuse and François de Joyeuse.

After another of his brothers, Scipion, drowned himself in the Tarn after the defeat of Villemur[1] in 1592, his title of Duke of Joyeuse was passed to Henri. When he died in 1608, the title passed to Henri's daughter Henriette, who had married Henri de Montpensier in 1597.


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