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Heng Shan Military Command Center (衡山指揮所) is an emergency military command center in Taiwan similar to Cheyenne Mountain in the United States. It is designed to withstand a 20 kilo-ton nuclear blast, a 2 kilo-ton conventional bombing and also EM pulse in event of an attack.[1][2] The command center was constructed in 1978. The command is equipped with fiber optics, emergency power generators, and water supply. The base mainframe also has state-of-the-art tactical simulation system, Joint Theater Level Simulation (JTLS) from the United States military. The base is located in the heart of Dazhi Ya Nan mountain (大直) of Taipei City and is connected to the Yuan Shan Military Command Center (圓山指揮所) through a tunnel.Facing the new National Defense Building(Construction).


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