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Coordinates: 38°52′08″N 77°04′22″W / 38.868812°N 77.072648°W / 38.868812; -77.072648 (Henderson Hall)

Henderson Hall
Arlington, Virginia
Henderson hall logo
Type Military base
Site history
Built Purchased in 1942
In use World War II - present
Garrison information
Colonel Ira M. Cheatham
(July 2011 - present)
Garrison Headquarters Battalion, Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps
File:Henderson hall.jpg

Women of the USMC Women's Reserve passing out at Henderson Hall


Women of the USMC Women's Reserve at Henderson Hall

Henderson Hall is a military installation of the United States Marine Corps located in Arlington, Virginia near the Pentagon, on the southern edge of the Arlington National Cemetery and next to Fort Myer. Currently, it is part of Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall. Covering 22.3 acres (90,000 m2) of land, Henderson Hall hosts both the USMC barracks and associated education facilities. Since 2005, management of Henderson Hall is handled jointly by the installation itself and the nearby Fort Myer, creating Myer-Henderson Hall. Henderson Hall is named for the former Commandant Archibald Henderson.

Henderson Hall has served as the headquarters for various Marine Corps units since the Second World War. The headquarters of the Marine Corps moved to the Navy Annex building on November 10, 1941, and from March 1, 1942 Henderson Hall was used as a supporting building. In September 1943 the installation was used as a billet for 2,658 members of the United States Marine Corps Women's Reserve until they were released from active duty in August 1946 to create space for male Marines. On February 15, 1954 the process of purchasing the 22.3 acres (90,000 m2) of land around Henderson Hall was completed and signed by Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia Thomas Bahnson Stanley.

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