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Helsinki village landing
Part of Finnish War
Date26–28 September 1808 (J:14-16)
LocationHelsinki village (Taivassalo), Finland Proper northwest of Turku
Result Russian defensive victory
 Sweden  Russia
Commanders and leaders
Gustaf Olof Lagerbring Karl Gustav von Baggovut
3,400 4,500
Casualties and losses
23 officers and 634 soldiers 20 officers and 504 soldiers

The Helsinki village landing was fought during the Finnish War, between Sweden and Russia 26–28 September 1808 (J:14-16) a part of the battles’ of Turku archipelago. Gustav IV Adolf of Sweden planned a large landing operation, over 8000 strong. Due to the difficult sea weather conditions, the task force under colonel Anders Fredrik Skjöldebrad was forced to return as broken and damaged back to Sweden. The other task force of 3400 men under lieutenant colonel Gustav Olof Lagerbring landed to the Helsinki village (Taivassalo) successfully and the troops advanced to the inland areas. The king of Sweden himself was late too, he arrived (28 September 1808) to the battle area with his own yacht.

Course of battle

Monday 26 September (J:14)

The landing started in at 09.00 o’clock in the morning. The Cossacks who patrolled at the beach were pushed back to the village of Järvenperä. The Swedish troop s advanced slowly and the Russians reacted quickly and they send 3 companies from Pernov (Pärnu) Musketeer Regiment [1] supported by 2 cannons to oppose advancing Swedes at Järvenperä. Kronobergs regemente[2] offensive caused the Russians retreat.

Tuesday 27 September (J:15)

In the morning the Swedes proceeded advance to direction of the village of Viiainen. Lieutenant General Karl Gustav von Baggovut had built there a defense line with a battalion of the Nevski Musketeer Regiment.[3] According to the orders of Baggovut, he had to delay the progress of the Swedes. Baggovut forces were of the environment of the Manor House. The Swedes pushed back the Russians from their positions. Colonel, Freiherr Gustaf Reinhold Boije af Gennäs was ordered as the commander of the Swedish battle forces.

Wednesday 28 September (J:16)

During the night prince Pyotr Bagration brought big reinforcements to Baggovut. Boije planned a double offensive. One force would attack from north of Viiainen to Puosta and at the same time the Lagerbring force should strike to the flank of Russian forces at the Puosta through Haaroinen and Ranta. Because of the reinforcements Baggovut had the initiative and he strikes strongly direct to the main line of position of Boije. Simultaneous also Baggovut had started a flank offensive via Ranta. The attackstronger of Lagerbring stopped to the force of the Russian troops and he had retreat. Boije found the situation hopeless and ordered the general retreat to the Helsinki village. At the beach the situation was chaotic. The King had ordered all the gunboats to the Kahiluoto. There were only the defenseless troopships left. The loading of the ships happened under the Russian fire in disarray and with the big losses.


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