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Helkir mine
Type Directional mine, anti-helicopter
Weight 43 kg

Maximum range 500 m
Filling weight 20 kg
Acoustic & IR sensors

The Helkir is an anti-helicopter mine developed by the Austrian company Hirtenberger.[1] It uses an IR sensor and an acoustic sensor to detect airborne targets. Once the mine is armed and ready to engage, the acoustic sensor listens for a valid noise input. This enables the IR sensor which is located coaxially to the warhead. When the IR sensor detects a hot signature, the mine blasts off fragments that can penetrate up to 6 mm of armored steel at 50 meters and 2 mm of mild steel at 150 meters. The mine is active for a period of 1 to 120 days, after which it returns to a safe mode.

Helkir, as well as other mines developed by Hirtenberger, like the APM-1 and the APM-2 anti-personnel directional mines (discontinued in 1994),[2] do not appear on the company's current website.[3]

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