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Heckler & Koch SL6
H&K SL6.jpg
Type Semi-automatic rifle
Place of origin Germany
Production history
Manufacturer Heckler & Koch
Produced 1980s-1991
Variants SL6A2, SL7
Weight 7.92 pounds (3.6 kg) unloaded
Length 39.76 in. (1010mm)
Barrel length 17.71 in. (450mm)

Cartridge .223 Remington, 5.56×45mm NATO
Action Roller-delayed blowback
Rate of fire Semi-automatic or Select-fire (Semi, 2-round Burst) (SL6A2)
Feed system 3, 4, or 10-round single column, internal magazine
Sights Rotary rear aperture drum, hooded foresight

The Heckler & Koch SL6 is a roller-delayed blowback operated sporting carbine made by Heckler & Koch. It is manufactured in 5.56×45mm caliber. The design was originally based on the HK 630 sporting rifle and is essentially a shorter-barreled version of that rifle. It was marketed throughout the world as a hunting/utility rifle.[1]

Design and operation

The roller-delayed blowback action is similar to that used in the G3 battle rifle and is the hallmark feature of Heckler and Koch's pre-G36 line of small arms. The four groove barrel features polygonal rifling with a right-hand twist of 1 in 10.6 inches. The chamber is fluted with 12 longitudinal flutes extending rearward from the baffle to the chamber face. These flutes permit propellant gases to flow around the case acting as a lubricant to ease extraction. The SL6 has a diopter sighting system and utilizes Heckler and Koch's proprietary HK 05 claw-type scope mount. Two rectangular recesses have been cut into the upper receiver to accept this mount.


The H&K SL6 is no longer manufactured, having been replaced by the H&K SLB 2000. The H&K SL7 is a variant chambered in 7.62×51mm caliber.[2] The H&K SL6A2 variant is essentially the same rifle; however, the SL6A2 includes a flash hider and offers a two round burst selector.


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