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A GMG of the German Army.
Type Automatic grenade launcher
Place of origin  Germany
Service history
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Wars War in Afghanistan (2001–2021)
Production history
Designed 1992-1995
Manufacturer Heckler & Koch
Produced 1996-Present[citation needed]
Variants GMW
Weight 28.8 kg Gun, 10.7 kg tripod and 8 kg softmount.
Length 1090 mm
Barrel length 415 mm
Width 226 mm (without ammunition box)
Height 208 mm

Cartridge 40x53 mm
Action API Blowback
Rate of fire 350 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity 241 m/s
Effective range 1500 m
Maximum range 2200 m
Feed system 32-round disintegrating, closed-link belt
Sights Reflex sight and back-up leaf sight

The GMG (Granatmaschinengewehr or "grenade machine gun") is an automatic grenade launcher developed by Heckler & Koch for the German Army. It is also often referred to as GMW or GraMaWa (Granatmaschinenwaffe).[1]

Design details

It fires 40 mm grenades at a rate of about 350 rounds per minute. The GMG is belt-fed, and can be loaded from either side, making it easy to mount on most platforms. With a variety of day and night sights available the GMG can be used for most medium range infantry support situations.

The weapon itself is 1.09 m long, the barrel is 415 mm, and the ammunition box has dimensions of 470x160x250 mm. The gun operates on a recoil operated blow back basis. It weighs 29 kg; the tripod is an additional 11 kg.

Testing and operation

The HK GMG was tested in the Yuma desert in Arizona in 1997 in order to compete for future United States contracts.


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