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Hartwig Derenbourg

Hartwig Derenbourg (17 June 1844 – 12 April 1908) was an Orientalist.


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Hartwig Derenbourg was born in Paris, son of scholar Joseph Derenbourg. He was educated at Göttingen and Leipzig. Subsequently he studied Arabic at the École des langues orientales. In 1879 he was appointed professor of Arabic, and in 1886 professor of Muslim Religion, at the École pratique des hautes études in Paris. He collaborated with his father in the great edition of Saadia and the edition of Abu al-Walid, and also produced a number of important editions of other Arabic writers. Among these are:

  • Le dîwân de Nâbiga Dhobyânî (Paris, 1869)
  • Le Livre de Sibawaih (2 vols., Paris, 1881-1889)
  • Chrestomathie élémentaire de l'Arabe littéral (in collaboration with Spiro, 1885; 2nd ed., 1892)
  • Ousama ibn Mounkidh, un émir syrien (1889)
  • Ousama ibn Mounkidh, preface du livre du baton (with trans., 1887)
  • Al-Fakhri (1895)
  • Oumdra du Gimen (1897)
  • Les manuscrits arabes de l’Escorial (vol. 1, 1884; vols. 2 and 3, 1903).

He died in Paris, aged 64.



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