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Hangar 9 at Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas is the oldest U.S. Air Force aircraft storage and repair facility, and the only surviving hangar from World War I. The base was renamed Brooks City-Base in 2002.

Hangar 9 was one of sixteen similar wood structures built at Brooks Field early in 1918. By the 1960s, only Hangar 9 remained. When, in the 1960s the Air Force proposed Hangar 9's demolition, the Bexar County Historical Society was given permission to restore the building. The building was dedicated as the Edward H. White II Aviation Museum in 1968. The museum, then known as the Edward H. White II Museum of Aerospace Medicine, closed in 2011 with the closing of the base.[1]

Hangar 9 is located in the Brooks City-Base mixed-use community being developed on the site of the former air base. The development authority has proposed to preserve the historic area around the property.[2]


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