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Haji Hassan Khan
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Haji Hassan Khan was Nawab of Masulipatam. He was second son of Nawab Muhammad Taqi Khan Bahadur who in turn was Nawab of Masulipatam.

Official name

His official name was Nizam ud-Daula, Nawab Hasan Ali Khan Bahadur, Nawab of Masulipatam.


He entered the Nizam's service and appointed to a large mansab. A firman from him authorized the French Representative Fouquet, then chief of the Company at Machilipatnam to set up a loge[1] at Yanaon in the year 1731.

He became faujdar of the Northern Circars between 1758 and 1765. Finally he surrendered the government to the HEIC in return for a substantial pension and jagirs. He was greatest of all nawabs of masulipatam.

* He ascended throne sometime before 1731.


He died at Masulipatam in 1771.


  1. Loge : trade zone where the French enjoyed legal and fiscal privileges

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Haji Hassan Khan
Najm-i-Sani Dynasty
Preceded by
Nawab Muhammad Taqi Khan Bahadur
Nawab of Masulipatam
Succeeded by
Subhan Bakhsh
Preceded by
French East Indian Company
Faujdar of Northern Circars
Succeeded by
British East India Company

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