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Hafiz Hakki Pasha
1315 (1899) P.-2[1]
Hafiz Hakki Pasha
Born (1879-12-00)December 0, 1879
Died 15 February 1915(1915-02-15) (aged 36)
Place of birth Monastir (Bitola), Ottoman Empire
Place of death Erzurum, Ottoman Empire
Allegiance Ottoman flag.svg Ottoman Empire
Years of service Ottoman: 1901-February 15, 1915
Rank Mirliva
Commands held X Corps, Third Army
Battles/wars Balkan Wars
First World War

Hafiz Hakki Pasha (Turkish language: Hafız Hakkı Paşa, 1879; Monastir (Bitola) - February 15, 1915; Erzurum) was a General of the Ottoman Empire military.

Hafiz Hakki was a classmate of Enver Pasha, Mahmud Kâmil Pasha, and Fahreddin Pasha. He graduated from the Ottoman Military Academy second in his class (Fahreddin was first, Enver was fourth, Mahmud Kâmil was eighth) and graduated from the Ottoman Military College first in his class (Enver was second, Mahmud Kâmil was fourth, Fahreddin was seventh) on December 5, 1902.[1] He was known as one of the "Freedom Heroes" in 1908.[2]

Hafiz Hakki fought in the Balkan wars in 1912 and then wrote books about how armies should be led.

General Hakkı was one of the Ottoman commanders at the Battle of Sarikamis. At this battle, the large Ottoman army was utterly defeated by a smaller Russian force. During the retreat, the Ottoman army was nearly annihilated, mostly due to bitterly cold temperatures.

Hafız was appointed by Enver Pasha to take over the remnants of the Ottoman army in the Caucasus in early 1915. He died of typhus in Erzerum in 1915 just a few weeks later.


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