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HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën (C802)
Career (Netherlands)
Class and type: De Zeven Provinciën class cruiser
Name: HLNMS De Zeven Provinciën
Builder: Rotterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij, Rotterdam
Laid down: 5 September 1939
Launched: 19 December 1941
Commissioned: 18 November 1953
Fate: Sold to Peruvian Navy in August 1976
Status: Scrapped in 2000
General characteristics
Displacement: 9,681 tons standard
12,165 tons full load
Length: 187.32 m
Beam: 17.25 m
Draught: 6.72 m
Draft: 11.65 m
Propulsion: 4 Werkspoor-Yarrow three-drum boilers
2 De Schelde Parsons geared steam turbines
2 shafts; 85,000 shp
Speed: 32 knots (59 km/h)
Range: 6,900 nmi (12,800 km) at 12 knots (22 km/h)
Complement: 926

8 Bofors 152/53 twin guns
8 57 mm twin guns
8 Bofors 40/70 mm single guns

4 152 mm, 2 57 mm, and 4 40 mm guns replaced by a RIM-2 Terrier launcher (1962)
Armor: 50-76 mm belt
50-125 mm turrets
50-125 mm conning tower

The HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën (C802) was a De Zeven Provinciën class cruiser with eight 152 mm cannons in double turrets, 8 × 57 mm and 8 × 40 mm machine guns. The rear turret was replaced in 1962 with a RIM-2 Terrier SAM system. She was 185.7 m long, had a beam of 17.25 m and a draft of 6.85 m. She displaced 12,250 t and could achieve a speed of 32.2 knots (59.6 km/h). She had a crew of 957.[1]

Construction started in 1939 as the HNLMS Kijkduin, but was interrupted by World War II. She was renamed to HNLMS Eendracht in 1940 and HNLMS De Ruyter in 1945. Her sister ship was launched in 1944 as the HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën, but the ships swapped to their final names in 1950. She was completed in 1953 and served the Royal Netherlands Navy from 1950 to 1977. She was sold to Peru in August 1976 and was renamed BAP Aguirre (CH-84) on 24 February 1978.

De Zeven Provinciën in 1967.



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