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Eight ships of the Royal Navy have borne the name HMS Siren, Syren or Sirene,[Note 1] after the Sirens of Greek mythology:

Uncommissioned vessels

  • Syren was an American schooner that a British squadron captured off New York in January 1813 and armed for use as a tender.[3] Disposal unknown.
  • Siren was a steam tender built in 1855 for the use of royalty at Bermuda and sold in 1863.
  • Syren was a training tender, purchased in 1878 and attached to HMS Britannia. She was sold in 1912.

See also

  • HMS Syeren, a Danish 74-gun fourth rate captured in 1807. She was converted to harbour service in 1809, sold in 1814 but retained and sold again in 1815.


  1. Until the beginning of the nineteenth century (and even later) the spellings were interchangeable. Different spellings for the same ships are used in sources, sometimes within the same document.
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