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HMS Lawford (K514)
HMS Lawford 1944 IWM A 21817.jpg
HMS Lawford at Liverpool, 13 February 1944
Career (USA)
Name: USS Lawford (DE-516)
Fate: Transferred to Royal Navy under Lend-Lease
Career (United Kingdom)
Name: HMS Lawford (K514)
Fate: Sunk by Aerial attack during Normandy Landings, 8 June 1944
General characteristics
Class & type: Evarts-class destroyer escort
General characteristics
Class & type: Captain-class frigate

HMS Lawford (K514) was a Royal Navy converted Captain class frigate (pennant DE-516), built in the US in 1944. She was converted into an HQ ship for the Normandy landings. On 8 June 1944, whilst operating off Juno Beach, she was hit by enemy fire during an air attack and sunk. Thirty-seven of her crew died. The Royal Navy's damage summary report[1] states that the ship was hit by an "aerial torpedo", which has been taken to mean a torpedo dropped from an aircraft. However, a survey of the ship undertaken as part of the Channel 4 TV series "Wreck Detectives"[2] found evidence that the vessel was broken up and sunk by an internal explosion, indicating a hit from one or more bombs or from an early guided missile such as an Hs-293 or (less likely) a Fritz X.

Further consideration suggests that the term "aerial torpedo" used in the RN damage summaries was actually intended to refer to guided missiles.[2]

The wreck lies in 21 meters of water at 49°25′43″N 00°23′47″W / 49.42861°N 0.39639°W / 49.42861; -0.39639.

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